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MoveOn Media Action: Fight the News Cuts

Reverse the Tribune Company's staff cuts at these major papers. As corporate owners reap large profits, there is no excuse for them to force local papers to abandon their responsibility to deliver strong watchdog journalism to the public. Sign MoveOn Media Action's local petitions to these newpapers and their corporate owners: Political Action

Restore the Rule of Law

Al Gore gave a speech about President Bush's wiretapping of American citizens without the warrants required by law. We've launched a petition asking Attorney General Gonzales to appoint a special prosecutor to find out the facts and asking Congress to hold an investigation into what happened. Political Action

New hope for Maryland voting machines

After MD MoveOn members made over 100 phone calls, the state House voted unanimously in favor of a paper record of every vote. Civic Action

Francine Busby Wins with 44% in CA-50

MoveOn members supported Busby, making 179,255 phone calls, contacting more than 33,500 CA-50 voters. Civic Action

Stop Corruption First

Every day we hear about new congressional scandals. Lobbyist Jack Abramoff pleads guilty. Tom DeLay is removed as Republican Leader. The scandals are slimy, but an opportunity to push for reform. Tell Congress to make it a priority, starting today, as they begin their 2006 work: stop corruption first. Civic Action

Bush Lied—Tell The NYT to Cover It

The New York Times and USA Today aren't reporting the truth—Bush lied about Hurricane Katrina. A new video shows Bush received a briefing on the threat to the levees. Four days later, he told the country "nobody anticipated" that the levee breach. Political Action

Fighting the Culture of Corruption

MoveOn members are working to hold one of the worst offenders, Tom DeLay, and his supporters in Congress accountable. Political Action

Victory! MoveOn Members Endorse 2005

Election Day '05 was a great day for progressives--winning both the NJ & VA governorships, defeating all Schwarzenegger's ballot measures, and more. Political Action

The Supreme Court: Protect Our Rights

Sandra Day O’Connor, a widely respected and moderate justice, has resigned from the Supreme Court. Now, in anywhere from a few hours to a few days President Bush will nominate a replacement—and what happens next will either destroy or protect our most basic rights for decades to come. This is an absolutely critical moment for our senators to hear directly from the people—and our message is clear: PROTECT OUR RIGHTS! We’ve launched an urgent petition to take your voice straight to your senators in this critical time to show Congress, the president and the media that the American people are engaged and ready to fight for our rights. Political Action

No Reverse-Robin Hood Budget

MoveOn members helped convince the Senate not to cut 300,000 families off food stamps. It's a great start, but the fight is not over. Political Action

Protect Your Cell Phone Records

At a time when our right to privacy is under attack, can you believe anyone can buy your phone records online? It's true. Civic Action

25 Senators Tried to Stop Alito

The Senate confirmed Alito on a near party line vote. Thank the 25 senators who joined the filibuster attempt to defend our rights. During this campaign, MoveOn members reached out hundreds of thousands of times to our neighbors, the media, and Congress. Here's a quick summary of how you helped to generate such historic opposition:

  • MoveOn members gathered over 510,000 petition signatures and comments
  • MoveOn members raised over $300,000 to put ads on the air
  • MoveOn members phoned in over 114,000 calls to the senate
  • MoveOn members wrote over 91,000 personal letters to your senators
  • MoveOn members sent in over 21,000 letters to the editor of 1,250 different newspapers and held dozens of in-person meetings to ask for editorials
  • MoveOn members made over 7,000 individual trips to senators' offices to deliver your petitions Political Action

Samuel Alito: He's No Moderate

To hide his extreme views, Samuel Alito has repeatedly deceived Congress and the nation. Encourage Democrats to filibuster. Political Action

Thank Democratic Leaders for Standing Strong

Together, we blocked the Patriot Act, drilling in the Arctic, and the reverse Robin Hood budget. Thank the Democratic leadership for fighting and to ask them to stand strong in 2006. Political Action

TV Ad: Iraqis Want the US to Leave

Help us raise $250,000 to keep our new TV ad on the air. The ad explains that a majority of Iraqis, like a majority of
Americans, want U.S. troops to leave Iraq. It’s time for
Congress to insist on an exit plan. Political Action

Movin' On to 2006

In 2005, we grew by half a million members, raised $9 million for progressive candidates and campaigns, built a field campaign, and helped tip the balance in critical fights. Now onto 2006!
Read the 2005 Wrap Up » Political Action

Wal-Mart Movie Kicks Off With a Bang

MoveOn members held viewing parties as part of a coalition effort to bring attention to Robert Greenwald's compelling new documentary: Walmart, The High Cost of Low Price. Host a Showing » Political Action

Help Put A New Iraq Ad On TV

Last week a real debate about how to change course in Iraq started in Congress. Now Republicans and the Bush administration are lashing out--trying to smear their critics. Don’t let them get away with that. To maintain our momentum in the Iraq debate we've put together a new TV ad. Watch the Ad » Political Action

White House Caught in Iraq Cover Up

Vice President Cheney's Chief of Staff, "Scooter" Libby, was indicted for obstructing an investigation into the White House cover-up of the lies that led our nation to war. Letters to the editor can make it clear Americans know this is about Iraq. Write a Letter-to-the-Editor » Political Action

2,000 Fallen Soldiers Honored at Vigils

More than 100,000 people gathered at 1,354 candlelight vigils in all 50 states and DC to remember and honor our fallen soldiers and ask, "How many more?" Political Action

Oppose PATRIOT Act Renewal

After MoveOn members asked their senators to oppose the renewal as it was offered, a dozen senators and House members from both parties announced that they would do so, with a filibuster if necessary. Political Action

Tell Bush to Keep His Promise: Fire Karl Rove

Newsweek magazine revealed that Karl Rove, the President's key political advisor, was responsible for disclosing the identity of undercover CIA agent Valerie Plame. Rove's lawyer has confirmed that he was involved. Last year, President Bush promised that anyone at the White House involved in the leak would be fired. We believe that the President should stick to his word. That's why we're calling on him to fire Karl Rove. Political Action

Fire Tom DeLay

House Republican Majority Leader Rep. Tom DeLay has a pattern of repeated legal and ethical scandals. Yet he remains in one of the most important positions in our government—deciding what legislation Congress considers. In response, MoveOn members: Have been running ads against seven members of Congress who come from vulnerable districts and fundraise with DeLay’s help »   Topped out the “Fire Tom DeLay” petition at more than 480,334 signers »   Organized 195 events, attended by thousands, to deliver these signatures to Republican members of Congress and others. Political Action

Tell the Truth About Iraq

The Times of London published a "smoking gun" memo on President Bush’s lies leading up to the Iraq war. On June 16, Congressman John Conyers delivered 560,000 petition signatures to the White House—including more than 360,000 from MoveOn members—demanding that Bush address the evidence in the "Downing Street Memo." Political Action

$100 Million Restored to NPR/PBS

We are delighted that we were able to help restore some of the cuts made to NPR and PBS. members sent in more than 1 million comments and made more than 40,000 calls to tell Congress to save Big Bird and Mr. Rogers. We are glad to have helped protect such an important service. Political Action

Early Support to Candidates in HOT Races

You told us you can’t wait to help defeat Katherine Harris, Rick Santorum and Tom DeLay in 2006. These will be some of the hottest and most expensive races of 2006. Each of these far-right candidates will raise millions. Santorum has already raised $5M. How can we defeat them? Early money to their opponents. Bob Casey, Bill Nelson, and Nick Lampson all deserve our support. In Vermont, we're supporting Bernie Sanders' effort to take his progressive politics to the Senate, after serving 7 terms in the House. Political Action

Bush Iraq Speech: Help Air a New TV Ad

President Bush tried to rescue his failed Iraq policy in a nationally televised address by connecting the Iraq war to the war on terror. He is trying to change the subject from Iraq to terrorism and September 11, implying that Iraq attacked us in 2001. Help air a new TV ad or write a letter to the editor making it clear that changing the subject won't work. Political Action

Victory on the "Nuclear Option"

President Bush, Bill Frist and the radical right-wing of the Republican Party failed in their attempt at seizing absolute power and the "nuclear option" is off the table. MoveOn members helped make the difference by: Organizing 108 Citizen Filibusters | Gathering Over 580,371 Petition Signatures | Writing 59,645 Letters-to-the-Editor | Making 118,016 Calls to Senators | Holding Rallies in All 50 states (Address by Al Gore) | Raising $1.3M (avg. $43 donation) to Air 4 Powerful TV Ads and 2 Print Ads | Knocking on thousands of doors. Read the MoveOn PAC response to the RNC statement on the filibuster. Political Action

Repair the Vote

Several great bills have just been introduced in Congress to repair the embarrassing flaws in our election system -- from electronic voting machines to long lines to partisan election officials. Everyone's waiting to see if this new legislation will pick up speed or fall victim to partisan bickering. We can give these bills the early momentum they need. There's no time to lose: In the coming months, states are poised to buy a billion dollars worth of unreliable electronic voting machines without paper trails. Political Action

Bankruptcy Vote: Take a Stand to Protect the Middle Class

The House of Representatives recently passed bankruptcy legislation (302-126) that will make life a lot harder for a lot of good people. Usually Congress wouldn't feel any consequences for a vote like this, but MoveOn PAC has developed radio ads that will shine a bright light on the legislation and the representatives who supported it—dissuading wrong votes next time. Political Action

$82 billion more for Iraq: Demand an exit strategy

While Congress is considering an additional $82 billion for Iraq, they should insist that America has an exit strategy from Iraq with a timeline, that we do not construct permanent bases in Iraq and that we end war profiteering by corporations. Please sign our petition urging Congress to act today. Political Action

Bush in 30 Years Flash Contest

The Republicans are running a $100 million public relations blitz to convince Americans to privatize Social Security. We held a contest to find an entertaining, memorable, and persuasive Macromedia Flash piece to pierce the Republicans' spin. Our members' creativity and authenticity beats high-priced PR any day of the week. View the winning ad: If It Ain't Broke, Don't Privatize It, by Andy Menconi Political Action

Keep Sinclair's Bias Off The Local News

Every night, Sinclair Broadcasting vice president Mark Hyman gives a conservative rant – called "The Point" – which most of Sinclair's 62 stations are required to air during their local news. "The Point" predictably attacks Democrats and progressives while praising George Bush. No counterpoint is offered. Our friends at Media Matters for America are spearheading a campaign to demand balance on Sinclair's evening news by telling Sinclair's advertisers about the partisanship they're supporting. Political Action

Share the Holiday Spirit with Those in Harm's Way

During the holiday season, our hearts go out to those in harm's way. That's why we're highlighting the United Service Organizations' (USO) "Operation Phone Home" to help a soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan call home, and International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies' (IFRC) courageous efforts to bring vital services directly to Iraqi civilians. Political Action

Investigate the Vote

Questions are swirling around whether the election was conducted honestly or not. We need to know – was it or wasn't it? If people were wrongly prevented from voting, or if legitimate votes were mis-counted or not counted at all, we need to know so the wrongdoers can be held accountable, and so we can prevent this from happening again. Members of Congress are demanding an investigation to answer this question. Political Action

Taking on Fox

Seven days a week, 24 hours a day, Fox News Channel turns Republican talking points into news headlines. Now "Uncovered" director Robert Greenwald – working with a group of Fox-monitoring MoveOn members – has put together a documentary film called Outfoxed that exposes Fox for what it is: partisan spin, not news.
Read the complaint filed with the FTC [PDF]
Download a printable copy of the petition and sign up others [PDF]