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Grassroots Campaign Director

Time and again, has changed the face of politics in America by harnessing the power of the Internet and our 7 million members. We've taken on hugely ambitious campaigns—and we've won.

Now we're changing the game again with a new organizational strategy—to go all in on giving everyday folks the tools to run their own MoveOn-style campaigns on the issues they care about most—everything from ending corporate personhood to keeping fracking out of local communities. In the coming year, we'll take our current organizing platforms and networks to new levels—by developing new tools and launching new organizing models. We'll support MoveOn members to run and win their own campaigns, turbocharge exciting campaigns, and develop a toolbox to power transformative progressive organizing.

Position Overview: You'll be part of a team in charge of helping thousands of local progressives run their own MoveOn-style campaigns. There are thousands and thousands of MoveOn members with the skills and desire to make change. Your job is to find them and help them get started.

You're an organizer at heart—and you have extensive experience running grassroots campaigns, including Internet organizing, social media, managing volunteers, and generating earned media. You have a strong willingness to work as part of a team and can also manage large projects independently. You have an aptitude for technology and ideally experience with HTML and SQL, with an interest in analytic, data-driven approaches to proble solving. You are interested in local, state, and national-level issue campaigns. Perhaps most importantly, you have a track record of starting or running big, bold things—things that prove you've got the entrepreneurial spirit to help take MoveOn to the next level.

Skills: We have identified three critical skill sets necessary to excel in this role—roughly grouped into Scalable Organizing, Technology, and Communications. Strong candidates will be skilled in all three areas. However, we also encourage candidates to apply who don't have deep expertise in all three areas, but have exceptional skills in one or two areas, and the hunger and aptitude to learn the other areas quickly.

Scalable Organizing



Work Environment: MoveOn operates as a virtual office—so you’re able to communicate well via conference calls, instant messaging, and email.

Location: Anywhere in the continental U.S.—MoveOn operates on a virtual office model, collaborating online.

Salary: Salary is highly competitive and benefits include health and dental insurance and four weeks vacation.

Start date: Immediately.

To apply: Click here to submit your resume and a cover letter explaining why you're interested in working with the MoveOn team in particular. Civic Action and Political Action are equal opportunity employers.