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Koch Problem

America has a Koch problem—and it’s coming to a head this November.

Right-wing oil billionaires Charles and David Koch are two of the wealthiest people in the world.1 They don’t hesitate to buy politicians and policies that advance their own business interests. Thanks to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United and McCutcheon decisions, there’s virtually no limit on what they can spend.

The Koch brothers are gearing up to pour at least $300 million into November’s elections—backing candidates at both the local and federal level who’ll vote to decimate Social Security, overturn voting rights, block any shot at curbing global warming, and make it impossible for people to get health care or earn a decent wage.2

But, for the first time, the problem of big money and corporate corruption in U.S. politics has a public face: the Koch brothers. That’s why we’re building a diverse and dynamic movement to beat back the Koch’s ultra-conservative ideology—and this summer, we’re stepping it up.

1. "The World's Billionaires," Forbes, May 29, 2014 .

2. "Koch Brothers Plan $300 Million Spending Spree In 2014," The Huffington Post, June 14, 2014

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Stop the Koch brothers from dismantling Maine's Regional

The Koch Brothers are trying to pass legislation to end Maine's membership in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a clean energy program that has created hundreds of green jobs and significantly reduced climate change. I am calling upon you as my legislator to defend clean energy in Maine and keep the Koch’s money and influence out of Maine politics.

Protect Solar Energy

The Koch brothers, Governor Brewer, and their ilk are crusading to eclipse solar and green energy, even endeavoring to tax the use of the sun itself! If they think they are in command of the solar system, then we have truly lost our voice on the planet. This earthling appeals to your sensibilities to stand up to them in support of solar and green energies.