MoveOn Councils

What are MoveOn Councils?

MoveOn Councils are local teams of committed members who organize in their community and build leadership among MoveOn members.

MoveOn Councils work together on national campaigns to push for the progressive change that our country needs. We are a strong, independent voice to keep Congress and the president honest when lobbyists and corporations stand in the way of progress. We:

  • Shape the political playing field on the big issues by organizing in our communities, doing direct advocacy with elected officials, and getting our message out into the local and national media.
  • Put direct pressure on Congress to win key victories, like our recent victory for health care reform. We lobby our elected officials in their hometowns, pressing them to vote for a progressive legislative agenda.
  • Organize broader, deeper, and smarter than ever to build long-term power and achieve real progressive change. We build the leadership and train the grassroots base of the progressive movement.

Please join thousands of other committed MoveOn council members in leading our Council network in the major fights ahead this year and beyond.

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Council Roles

Regional Organizer

Regional Organizers multiply their impact by developing and supporting several local Councils in their region or state. Read more

Council Organizer

Council Organizers are the backbone of the MoveOn Councils and are strong and powerful leaders in their local areas. Read more

Council Core Member

Core members work together to fire up a local MoveOn Council. Read more

Council Member

Council members organize locally on important progressive issues.

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