Host a Five Weeks to Win call party Sept. 29 and 30

To help keep President Obama in office for four more years, we're working with AFL-CIO affiliate, Workers' Voice, to create the largest independent get-out-the-vote operation in the country.


Our approach uses something called real-time response targeting, enabling us not merely to identify voters who might be undecided, but to pinpoint the people who are actually being persuaded and mobilized by a conversation with our volunteers and then to adjust our targeting to find more voters we can persuade. One canvasser can now do the work of five.

On Saturday and Sunday, September 29th and 30th, MoveOn members across the country will gather at Election Season call parties to call other MoveOn members in key battleground states to sign them up to help get out the vote.


Can your host or attend a Five Weeks to Win call party September 29 or 30? Click here to find a party near you or host your own!

Every Voter Counts Call Parties, Oct. 13 and 14

The GOP will do whatever it takes to defeat President Obama and secure the White House for Mitt Romney. Their pouring millions of Super PAC dollars into voter suppression efforts in key swing states to keep likely Democratic voters from ever voting. And tea party voter vigilante groups like True the Vote are trying to train hundreds of thousands of poll watchers to essentially intimidate progressive voters, especially people of color.

Research proves that the most effective way to turn out voters is through face-to-face conversations. That's why in the final month before Election Day it's crucial that we knock on as many doors as possible and talk directly to the voters who matter the most: those who support President Obama, but are unlikely to vote.

On Saturday and Sunday, October 13 and 14, thousands of MoveOn members will come together at Every Voter Counts call parties. We'll gather in living rooms and community centers across the country to call other MoveOn members in key battleground states and ask them to volunteer to help re-elect President Obama. Hosting a call party is fun and easy. They are a chance to meet other progressives in your community and work side by side to make sure that we win in November.

Host your own event or sign up for an event near you.

Welcome to MoveOn Councils

Just in time to help us win in November, the MoveOn Council website got a makeover—to give us the tools we need to build power and win!


Our MoveOn Council network is close to 20,000 strong with nearly 200 Councils across the country—and this new resource will make us even more powerful. The new look, based on your feedback and input, gives MoveOn members like you a better way to access training and event resources, recruit new members to the Council network, and get up-to-the-minute updates about the latest action.

Here's what you'll find in the new Council pages:

  • Accessible and timely campaign updates
  • Easier navigation to event resources and campaign guides
  • A new link to, MoveOn's online campaign platform to start a petition and run your own campaign
  • A comprehensive Training Hub with dozens of organizing guides and training resources
  • A cleaner, more user-friendly layout
  • More information about Councils—for current and potential members

For more information, check out the video tutorial and the FAQ. If you have any questions, please email