Super Voters call party

A handful of votes in five key states could dictate whether or not we have a right-wing-controlled Senate. That makes those states' women voters—who often sit out during midterm elections—potential Super Voters, because so much power lies in their hands. Unfortunately, many don't know that they can be the difference between progress and government shutdowns.

That's why, on Saturday and Sunday, October 25 and 26, MoveOn members from coast to coast are hosting Super Voters call parties to make get-out-the-vote calls to women and other progressive voters in the most hotly contested states. They'll be calling to elect senators who will vote for the people, not corporations or billionaires, and fight for women's rights. They'll be calling because they know that, with Election Day fast approaching, the odds against our victory are reaching alarming levels and that, if things don't turn around, the U.S. Senate faces a takeover by the GOP.

Throughout this election season, we're reaching out directly to progressive voters in battleground states to make sure they cast their ballots by November 4.

Click here to host a Super Voter call party or sign up for a party near you.

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