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Friday, June 27, 2003                        Fenton Communications


No Candidate Wins Majority in Political Action First-Ever Democratic Online “Primary”


No endorsement now

Estimated $1.75 million raised in pledges to Democratic contenders


Most votes to Dean, followed by Kucinich, Kerry


Friday, June 27, 12:00pm—No candidate won a majority in this week’s first-ever Democratic online presidential primary, therefore Political Action will not make an endorsement at this time. Howard Dean received the highest vote total with 43.87% of the vote (139,360 votes); followed by Dennis Kucinich with 23.93% (76,000 votes); and John Kerry with 15.73% (49,973 votes). 


The rest of the field was in single digits: John Edwards, 3.19% (10,146 votes); Richard Gephardt, 2.44% (7,755 votes); Bob Graham, 2.24% (7,113 votes); Carol Moseley Braun, 2.21% (7,021 votes); Joe Lieberman, 1.92% (6,095 votes); and Al Sharpton, 0.53% (1,677 votes). Political Action hailed the primary as a tremendous kick-off for the campaign to defeat George Bush next year:


·        317,639 votes were cast in the “primary,” more than the 2000 New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary, the Iowa and South Carolina Democratic presidential caucuses, combined; 

·        54,370 voters pledged to volunteer for their preferred Democratic contender;

·        77,192 voters authorized Political Action to give their e-mail addresses to the candidate of their choice; and

·        49,132 voters pledged to contribute money to their candidate, for a total estimated at more than $1.75 million ($35 average contribution).


“And one of the most promising results for Democrats in 2004, is that most voters said they would ‘enthusiastically support’ a broad array of candidates as the party’s nominee next year,” said Wes Boyd, Political Action treasurer.


“This is only the beginning,” continued Boyd. “Our most important objectives have been met: early Democratic grassroots involvement; increased contributions and volunteer support for each campaign; and mobilization of the Democratic base to defeat George Bush.  We wanted people to have a seat at the table, and they have taken it.”